S E A  R A N C H , C A

Architect: Butler Armsden Architects
Landscape Architect: Tony Ventrella + Susan Ventrella Clay
Contractor: Clayton Timbrell + Company

Perched on the edge of the Pacific, this home is part of the storied Sea Ranch enclave. Located on a rugged strip of Sonoma County coastline, distinctive mid-century modernist homes capture the spirit of their surroundings. Undergoing an extensive four-­year remodel and addition, this home was re-imagined as a family retreat, imbued with the area’s dramatic beauty and the pastoral modernism of the Sea Ranch tradition. Rooms were wrapped in bleached fir, an homage to William Turnbull’s original architecture, with new floor-to-ceiling windows to provide unobstructed views of the sea and meadows beyond. A reduced palette underscores the root of Sea Ranch philosophy that nature is forthright and material integrity emphasizes the sense of place. Furnishings were designed and placed to maximize the view from every room.